Useful wordpress comment plugins

Useful wordpress comment plugins

Recently, I was looking into spicing up my comments section with plug-ins. I was inspired by the folks over at and these posts in particular, “20 typical mistakes made by new bloggers and 8 types of posts that get maximum comments. I started looking for ways to make this blog more comment-friendly. I also […]

Using WordPress custom fields to customize display

Using Wordpress custom fields

Jeff Star over at produced a great tutorial using a custom image gallery as an example of how to use custom fields. This helped me visualize how to approach my bookmarks section of this blog. This tutorial combined with a trip over to the WordPress Codex section on custom fields, this entry from Smashing […]

Custom single.php templates for WordPress post categories

253 x 193 Altenate single templates

Over at Nathan covers different methods you can use to accomplish utilizing alternate customized single.php templates for WordPress post categories, including a plugin he developed. There’s no native way to present different categories of posts in a special way (only pages), except perhaps hacking the posts query, or doing show/hide with CSS or jQuery. […]

Filtering WordPress categories using hooks

Ryan Marganti discusses filtering Wordpress Categories

Ryan Marganti over at runs through what WordPress hooks are, and how you might use them including some simple examples. He reviews WordPress filters, edits to your functions.php file, the get_terms hook, and where you might find out more references about hooks. This is a nice introduction for WordPress theme or plugin developer newbie. […]