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HTML5 is no longer like a mythical white Unicorn

HTML5 demystified, no longer a mythical white UnicornAs of today HTML5 is no longer like a mythical white Unicorn, or just a new and cool buzzword uber-geeks throw around on Internet blogs. It’s something more real and tangible, thanks to Matthew David. He does a brilliant job breaking it down in his post “Inside HTML5: The Browser becomes a first class RIA citizen” over at InsideRIA.com.

I have only dug into HTML5 as a curiosity about the font embedding that’s coming in the future, (and I was intrigued by the native support for audio and video) but I have not really thought of the more comprehensive development implications of the coming HTML5 standards until now. This article is really worth a read, especially the information about the proposed new foundational elements, and the CSS3 special effects.

Mr. David breaks down the back story of HTML5, sprinkles in a little history and then gets into the features that are coming with actual code examples. He also gets into browser support and where you might see the quickest feature adoption.

I also found it interesting that if you read between the lines, it’s in the W3C’s and the individual browser manufacturer’s interests to get HTML5 out the door before the standard becomes an afterthought to browser plugin and RIA technology that is moving at a much faster pace.

HTML5 and CSS3, it's what the cool kids are doing

Here’s a similar post from the Webtint.com entitled How We’ll be Building Websites in 5 years: HTML5 and CSS3 layout that breaks down some of the new building blocks offered by HTML5 and CSS3, It also discusses things like graceful degradation of your code and IE hacks. Wait!, there’s more – not to be out done CSS3Gallery.net lists 70 CSS3 and HTML5 tutorials you can explore. Also check out what the cool kids are doing with HTML5 at HTML5Gallery.com for some inspiration.

The politics and competing interests behind the HTML5 standard

In my post "Embracing HTML5, CSS3 is a power play worth billions" I cover the politics and back story of HTML5. I touch on what’s at stake for developers and end-users in terms of what the future of the interaction with Web data and Internet media.

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